Counsellor – Joanna Littler

DSCF6852Joanna is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist.  She is experienced at working with children, adolescents and adults from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, differing abilities and sexual orientations both within an academic setting as a school counsellor and in private practice.  

Joanna is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and practices within their ethical guidelines.

Person Centred Counselling

As we grow up we develop behaviours and patterns of relating to others.  Some patterns remain useful but others may become harmful within current relationships and even hold us back.  A counselling session will enable clients to become aware of these behaviours and how they impinge on the present.

It can be hard to change.  The safe environment of a counselling room in the presence of a non-judgemental and accepting professional counsellor can provide the perfect opportunity for an individual, couple or family to explore the options and to find an effective and comfortable way forward.

Family Counselling

Family of penguinsFamily therapy offers clients a way to grow in each other’s presence rather than struggling privately with discouragement and frustration.

The therapist seeks to translate raw interpersonal distress into a predicament that can be discussed with less blame, fear and provocation.  Each person is heard respectfully and taken seriously without judgement, defensiveness or drama.  The therapist will listen closely, finding within impossible conversations the core needs and wishes that drive them.  She will provide fresh language without suppressing urgent feelings to enable a higher level of family functioning.

Couples Counselling

Couple walking along beach leaving footprintsCouples in distress often do not listen well to one another and do not accept the other without conditions.

Counselling sessions can provide members of a couple with a secure environment as they attempt to find a connection in the midst of confusion, frustration and often unspoken loss.

Couple therapy is a process that draws on each client’s ability to find his or her own way, to understand, express feelings, contribute, connect and sometimes, forgive.  All parties commit implicitly to a way of communication that is respectful and opens the door to dialogue.

The therapist works with the couple to facilitate the reappearance of love and support in their relationship.